The death of deisre is often the end of life. Desire is part and parcel of feeling  alive. Every child that comes into the world will soon experessing desires. ….Desire goes together with love, lust, possession, connection, aliveness  and the opossite thereof is death.

Esther Perel (Essential Ingredients for Passionate Relationships)

Even though we won’t talk about desire in love, that quote is helpful for us to reflect the desire. I believe that all of us is born with desire, i often wonder why i want something in life and why a human being has lust? When i started looking at the Bible, i found that human’s desire is expressed in the Ten Commandments, one of it is this:

Exodus 20:17 “Do not desire another man’s house; do not desire his wife, his slaves, his cattle, his donkeys, or anything else he owns.

GOD’s commandments itself revealed the desire as something that is prohibited but we are humans, right? We do have the desire within us. Why did GOD create us with this desire if He then forbids our own desire? In the beginning, i believe that He created us as a pure and holy human being with pure and holy desire. But when Adam and Eve had fallen into sin, humans desire become evil, there the sin was conceived within every human (James 1:14-15; Rome 5:15).


All of us have the desire either to do good or evil things. “Black dog” and “white dog” always assassinate each other everyday. If we do what GOD commands, we follow His will, not our own desire (Job23:12). So from there we know that GOD has a will and i think if He is a GOD with a will, isn’t He a GOD that has a desire too? I believe He is and we can find the perfection of desire in Him by seeking satisfaction and happiness in Him so He will give us the true desire that is found in GOD who is perfect and full of light (Psalms 37:4; Psalms 17:14-15).

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